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Our Approach

What our experience has taught us!

Our Approach

At BNG Group Australia we approach the sale of a business for sale in a completely different manner.

Most business for sale agencies are focused on the price of the business for sale, we are focused on the potential purchaser’s motivation to purchase a business, for example;


  • how interested is the potential purchaser in your product or service or industry
  • are they interested in reemploying all your staff
  • do they have the adequate confidence and skill to continue with your business at your current level or better
  • do they have adequate securities to financially afford your business


We do not believe that a business is worth “only whatever a potential purchaser is willing to pay” the logic is;

  • If the purchaser was to be totally excited about what you have on offer, they will pay the best price they can to successfully secure your business for sale. It is only human nature not to pay what you’re asking price is, nor should you have the focus on your asking price as this will create a tugger war scenario over what could be the best possible price that you (as the vendor will or seller) would be willing to come down to; it is no secret that you (as the vendor will or seller) want the best price you can get and our focus with the potential purchaser is to assure them that you are marketing your business for sale to sell and are willing to negotiate with genuine potential purchasers.

We believe that by keeping the focus on your business for sale you will achieve automatically the best price from that potential purchaser at the time.

Your decision then is to decide whether that is enough for you to sell; we will guarantee that we will get you the best price from that potential purchaser at that time.

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