Today’s Business for Sale is situated at

Craigieburn Central.

Crafty Café is the place to go to when looking for kid friendly café/eatery.

Crafty Cafe Business for Sale gives you honest kid friendly food, snacks and activities that will make the experience enjoyable for both you and the kids.

I have to say I don’t hit the cafes with kids (my grandchildren) as much as I’d like to, but I love knowing places to go when I am meeting friends who have little ones with them. Crafty Café Business for Sale, very kindly agreed to put together a variety of food/snacks to share with friends when planning a hassle free outing with the Kids.

I like to eat out A LOT and having grandchildren (with whom I like to spend a lot of time with) hasn’t really cramped my style – more changed it! Now eating out for me, is less about funky bars and fine dining and more about ordering babycinos and seeking out high chairs.

Fortunately Crafty Café Business for Sale has plenty to offer, great food/snacks in family friendly surroundings, in fact, the experience is so good that the grandchildren choose Crafty Café Business for Sale as the first place to go to when we get together!

Here it is – Crafty Café Business for Sale is in my opinion a business that should be seriously considered if looking for a Business for Sale… I consider Crafty Café Business for Sale one of the VERY Best child friendly cafes in Melbourne.

Crafty Café Business for Sale brings an inner city vibe to the suburbs; situated in Craigieburn (a Melbourne Metro Northern Suburb) with a stunning light-filled cafe in a fast growing housing estate. The menu is very on-trend and generously proportioned and there’s plenty to offer kids. Change facilities, high chairs and colouring-in are available. A big bonus is the huge outdoor or alfresco area – the kids won’t want to leave!

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Nat Mercuri on 0418 312 605 or email at

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